Filming in London during the 2012 Olympics.

I am Travis Hull and I’ve been immersed in video production and photography for the better part of my life.

My career got its start as I assisted with my church’s live event productions (think big-budget productions more commonly seen on variety shows rather than hymns in quaint white steeple churches in New England). The dynamic nature of the job shortened my learning curve dramatically and I quickly became adept at every element of video production—camera usage, lighting techniques, audio, computers, and many other production tools. I loved the process, but more, I loved that technology could be used for a higher purpose—telling wonderful stories. In 2004, I founded Precision Media, a video production and media distribution service company.

Two years later, in 2006, I was knee-deep in corporate video and event production work when my friend (and soon-to-be business partner) and I took an opportunity to explore the world of wedding video production—helping couples tell their stories. As our expertise and reputation grew, we formed Reminisce Productions, an award-winning production house specializing in the wedding and celebration industry. The creative problem-solving and logistical management I learned from Reminisce taught me what I needed to know to rebrand/recreate Precision into Talking Head Studio, a company focused on helping businesses tell their stories compellingly and create excellent first impressions—with specialized events, videos, and photography.

Since then, I’ve poured much time, energy, and emotion into Talking Head Studio projects as I actively sought further education. I attended Rollins College to learn more about the art of communication, flew to Portland to learn from Emmy Award-winning filmmakers (who I later also had the pleasure to work with), and I dove into my own search for all the relevant, up-to-date technological knowledge. After more than 800 projects over 10 years, I have honed a fine-tuned approach that has sharpened my production skills and technical knowledge further in numerous areas—from content marketing to corporate video production and beyond. But each of these experiences also reinforced that telling a story is still precisely what my work is all about: who people are, what they do, why. That’s where my heart rests.

And as I look back on my journey, which has shaped both my evolution and the evolution of Talking Head Studio, I’m excited about the growth the industry experienced in that time and I’m honored to have been a part of it. But my biggest passion will always be to tell a story for the good of the people it represents, and that passion only grows. I take pride in what I produce and—I’m thrilled to say—so do my clients.


Some fun facts about me:

  • Fifth generation Central Floridian (anyone who resides in Central Florida knows there aren’t many of us). In fact, Lakes Hart & Lake Mary Jane in Southwest Orlando are named after my family

  • Married in 2011 to my best friend, Christine

  • Many of my pastimes involve the water—fishing, of any variety, and sailing are two of my top faves

  • I hold a degree in organizational communication and business administration from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida

  • Not surprisingly, I love watching movies

  • My introduction in wedding video production came in 2006 when our team shot a 3-camera HD video shoot that included a live performance by Lionel Richie

  • Nearly my entire family are entrepreneurs; they’ve delved into everything from citrus farming and real-estate to antiques and hardware

  • I have certainly not seen it all (though, shooting a music video for Coldplay could change that), however, my history in the industry has given me the ability to anticipate potential issues and troubleshoot solutions quickly and efficiently